Director’s Message

directorToday we have the most modern type of education which aims at the integral development of oneself giving due importance to the physical, mental, emotional and social growth. Thus the aim of BPS is to help students to enhance themselves and attain social efficiency. To implement such an education system, it requires an effective and manageable environment.

We are aware of the fast-changing ideas, beliefs, life systems, and value systems. The pursuit of material things is a craze among the masses. On the contrary, we must have creativity in our students through innovative activities like reading, writing & speaking where the filtering of our thinking process takes place.
In this age of cut-throat competition, children are forced to be a part of the rat race. They are always under pressure from parents to excel in every field and they tend to sacrifice the age-old values for this. We should not forget that values are vital for human life and its quality and they provide guidance for us to deal with any crises in our lives. Knowledge without values is like giving a person a powerful weapon without telling how to use it. It is high time we make conscious efforts to realign our education system so that we impart knowledge without compromising on the values. We wish and pray that each one of us should make a conscious effort to groom our children with these long-lasting values or “SANSKAARAS”.

Undoubtedly, our school has given great importance to moral science, cultural values and respect to various religions. Every student’s family is directly or indirectly related to this school family. The process of education is not merely confined to educating the child. It becomes important by bringing the whole family of the child into focus wherein the holistic approach is aimed at. Our school constantly strives hard to bring out the best in our students by building a harmonious relationship between the school family and the child’s family.

We are thankful to all the parents who have come forward with their constructive ideas and criticism that helps us in building a family wherein our students feel at home. In the near future to we will work hard in designing creative plans by organizing various programs to strengthen the bond between the school’s family and the child’s family. My heart feels appreciation and thanks to all our students who have brought laurels to our school. Also, we appreciate the parents for their relentless support in bringing out the best from our students.

” Learning is not the product of teaching learning is the product of activity of learners “

Neeraj Bhandari