Physics Laboratory

“Learning by Doing” is the most effective concept of teaching learning process Laboratory plays an important role while learning is done practically. We have modern Physics Laboratory well equipped with all the apparatus and equipments as per the CBSE syllabus requirements. Students undertake experiments themselves under the supervision of experienced and trained faculty members. Individual attention and guidance to students is given by the teacher to explore their inherent abilities. So, the students learn by doing themselves and lay their own strong foundation of confidence and knowledge.

Chemistry Laboratory

We have a well equipped and spacious Chemistry Laboratory with the latest facilities to students for qualitative as well as quantitative analysis according to C.B.S.E. syllabus. Well qualified and experienced faculties provide proper guidance to students learn and absorb much more through well performed experiments. Accurate result is the prime concern of every experiment. So, every student gets opportunity to do practical separately with the help of high quality chemicals, acids, bases, salts, compounds and apparatus.

Biology Laboratory

Our Biology Laboratory is equipped with modern equipments and apparatus, specimens, slides and other material. Students learn different concepts of living world through models, charts, slides and specimens available in the Biology Laboratory. Our teachers guide students at every stage of their practical experiment conducted by them.

Computer Lab

It is a time of technology and awareness about latest hi-tech environm ent. Computer education is provided to all the students from class I onwards . We have a well-equipped computer laboratory with the latest hardware and software. Computers are properly installed with concepts, programming languages like LOGO, BASIC, C++, and Java, utility packages in Word Processing, Spread Sheet and Data Base in Windows environment. Also a team of expert educators of computer subject always give the latest information to our students every time they require, it keeps students update.

Language Lab

We have a well established Language Lab where students get chance to become aware of the different aspects of language, and that brings great interest in the students’ mind to learn and get proper command over it. Different activities and Language learning tools create a favorable atmosphere for the students where their language learning efforts can become more effective.The language lab encourages student to talk freely and loose their inhibitions when talking in front of their peers. Lab tend to make student more anonymous.